Services. Tide Media is here to give you the full experience for a truly smart home. Our smart home service offers: In home consultation, installation, full set up, and protection for all of your smart home devices. We come out to your home to finish the job with no displeasure; our protection portion of business comes with a three month plan to ensure all of your new investments are working as assured.

Below you will see more information regarding  what comes with the services we offer.


In Home Consultation

We first begin with a free in home consultation and begin to work with you to see what interests you with smart home devices. At this point any questions you may have can be answered such as what really can be controlled or any suggestions you may have regarding your smart home.


Once we have completed the consultation portion of the project, we will then begin to purchase and install all of the smart home devices. Any work such as running electrical wires through the home or installing new components, will be done by a professional factotum. Anything in the home itself that needs to be fixed or installed will be done by us.

Full Set-Up

So long as all the installation is complete, a new step involving connecting all of your devices will be in place. This step is the most crucial step in getting a truly smart home. At this point we will fill you in on all of the new installations made to your new smart home and will finally gain you the futuristic feeling you have desired.


All of your new products come with a 30 day return policy meaning we will work fast and efficient to get you products in place for you to test them. We also offer a three month service which allows us to come to your home in case of any problems or mishaps so we may be able to fix them. We will come down as many times as needed within the protection period you may have for your smart home.


Tide Media strives to be the best as well as do our best and we do so by showing it in our work. Our packages offer the best you can ask for and gives you what you want as well as what you need. When we work with our clients, we work with them step by step to ensure everything they want can be done.

Please contact us below to book us for an appointment, and we will get to you as soon as possible.