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Control From Anywhere

The Comfort of Your Home. Whether you’ve just gotten comfortable on the couch and don’t want to get up and turn off the kitchen lights, you’re on the beach and want to check on things at home, or you need to pre-heat the oven so it’s ready when you get home, the control you’re looking for is at your fingertips. Most home automation products have an app that’s compatible with a smartphone, tablet or computer that lets you control things at home.

Do More with Apple Homekit

Your home, Your command. With the apple hungry customers now on the market, ‘Apple Homekit’ has made smart homes even smarter with everything able to be controlled with one device on one app. With the Home app, you can easily and securely control all your HomeKit accessories. Ask Siri to turn on/off the lights from your iPhone. See who’s at the front door on your iPad. And even control things remotely with the help of Apple TV. The Home app makes all your connected devices work harder, and smarter, and faster for you.



State of the art Technology

Here at Tide Media, we take the time with you to invest in technology that sets your home apart from the rest. With our in home consultation, we set with you and select the best products on the market available for your home. These products are meant to be the perfect device and should be simple to learn and use. All of your products come with a 30 day return policy and 3 month warranty. This technology is ideal for any type of living situation, home or apartment, as it gives you a depth of the grounds that are available for making your home smart and simple.